Planning permission

My planning application has been permitted 🙂

We finally got it submitted at the start of June – they send you this yellow notice which you have to stick up for 21 days – here is mine attached to the gate.

planning permission

It was permitted on the 8th July but then there a 21 day period where people may still appeal – it ends on Tuesday though 🙂

The next stage is building regs but my designer was on holiday for two weeks just after the planning was approved, he’s asked for quotes from some structural surveyors but not heard back yet. Grrr.

In the meantime it does mean I can get started on the driveway as that doesn’t need building regs plans – I got two quotes and was fairly shocked by both of them, so I’ve gone for the less shocking of the two (which actually was the guy who I expected to be higher). I’m not good at this quotes business, I felt like a bit of a whore for having two stonemasons on the go at once – but I guess that’s the way it works.

Also while chatting, one of the stonemasons said “well, you’ll be a year with this project yet” – which freaked me out a bit, so I decided to get started on as much as the inside stuff as possible as well – instead of the “do it all at once” attitude I’ve had thus far. In the past week I’ve had an electrician, a double glazing guy and a chimney sweep around. They are all doing me quotes – the electrician to do some of the rewiring which won’t be affected by the building work (most of the bedrooms), the double glazing guy to replace the panes of glass where the seals have gone (and also to replace the french doors – although he recommend just adjusting them and leaving them as they are), and the chimney sweep to install a woodburner in the lounge – not exactly a priority but if the room is getting replastered, it seems silly to leave the old fireplace there. We’ll see when I get the quotes back anyway.

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