Kai Kristiansen Elbow Chairs

I got these chairs from a second hand shop a few weeks ago – I didn’t blog about it before as it was just after I’d written about the chairs I’d scavenged and I thought two chair posts in a row would be even more dull reading than my usual prattle.

kai kristiansen chairs

I discovered them under a stack of second hand clothes. On enquiry I was told they were £15 each – I thought it was a little much. You can’t see in this photo but there is a crack in the arm of one chair. They are sturdy though and I did really like their shape – so I bit the bullet and bought them.

When I was carrying them out of my car – I saw on the bottom they were marked “KS” and “Made in Denmark”. Given that the Danes were famous for their mid-century furniture, I had a bit of a google and discovered that KS stood for Korup Stolefabrik Mobelfabrik, these particular chairs were designed by Kai Kristiansen and are sometimes known as Elbow Chairs – they are available for sale for $775 CAD each (~£420)! Madness! I have to admit, that made me feel a little better about paying £15 🙂

On a general note – I’ve still not submitted my application for planning permission. The Conservation department and the Highways department are in negotiation over the height of the wall which forms the entrance for the driveway and I can’t submit until I know what height they have agreed upon, so the wait goes on.

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