I got the keys to my first house, a post-war semi on the 25th January 2014 and as it’s a ‘bit of a doer upper’ I thought I’d start a blog so I don’t dominate every conversation with ‘tales from B&Q’ (actually there’s a funny story there….) and in the months years to come when I’m sick to death of DIY I can look back and realise actually how much I’ve progressed…maybe.

Oh and I’m not promising that this will be well written (or even proof read), witty or in any way insightful.  Sorry.  You don’t have to read it.

I’m in the Isle of Man (I won’t be more specific but if you know the island it won’t take a Sherlock to work out exactly where) and while there are some similarities with the UK (like we have a B&Q) there are also a lot of differences (planning law, VAT, astronomical postage charges).

How the land lies:


  • Access to Dad’s comprehensively stacked workshop
  • I can live with Dad while with the renovation is going on
  • Not ashamed to interrogate any one who might know more than me (i.e. shelf stackers)


  • Weak, feeble and 5ft 1
  • Lack of time (job is full time plus some)
  • No experience of building projects i.e. not a clue what I’m doing
  • Poor history of taking on overly ambitious projects and failing to complete them (e.g. Bedford CA)

Oh and the name of the blog has absolutely nothing to do with the house, I bought the domain a while back for something else but never used it – so here we are.

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