Sweet Pead

Back in April I decided to plant some sweet peas.  For a bit of variety, I ordered 4 packs of seeds and they sent me a bonus pack.  I got a window propagator and planted 6 of each type – so 30 seeds.  The expiry dates on the seeds were for 2017 so I planned to keep the rest for future years.

Unfortunately I left the seed packets out on top of the coal bunker where I’d been working and they were rained on – so I thought I’d better plant them up.  Another propagator and just about all the plant pots I could get my hands on later I’d planted up all the seeds (about 120) and all but about 10 germinated.  Once they got a bit bigger I had to re-pot them all and eventually I dug 3 trenches in the back garden set up a load of canes and planted them all out – it was quite some chore but I think it was all done by about early to mid-May.

I watered them and they grew but only frustratingly slowly, I saw sweet peas appearing in buttonholes and country fêtes but none in my garden.  Everyone else told me their sweet peas were just about done flowering.  Finally on the 23rd of July I got my first bloom, I started giving posies away but the situation quickly escalated to a washing up bowl and a hastily made sign.



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