The Mason’s Mark

The drive pillars are finished ­čÖé

Last week I made a rudimentary sign to stop people parking in front of the wall (there’s been a few mystery┬ácars parked there for a long time).

Please keep clear. Stonemason begins work Monday 1st September

On Monday the stonemason arrived at 8am with his mate and his JCB to knock down the wall. ┬áThis what it looked like at the end of Day One, the wall is down – the bad stone (there was a lot of crumbled slate) has been removed and the concrete bases for the pillars are drying.

End of Day 1

End of Day Two – the pillars are starting to rise.
End of Day 2End of Day Three.  That oblong space on the wall in the left is for a name plate, I need to get it made up and the stonemason is going to come back and mount it for me.
End of Day 3End of Day Four – pier caps are starting to take shape.
End of Day 4Day Five – Pier caps and capping on the wall is done.

N.B. I believe the┬ámortar will end up a lot lighter than this when it is fully dry, so should be a little less “contrasty”. ┬áThe temptation to write my name in it has been strong but I’ve resisted…. so far.

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