Skip Surfing

Not much to report as I was off island for a week and the plans are currently held up because my grand vision isn’t exactly compatible with building regs – I’ll save that tale for when it’s (hopefully) resolved.

Anyway, I just remembered I never posted about these cute Windsor chairs I got a few weeks back. I’d gone to see some ex-display kitchens and as I was driving off I spotted these two chairs. It wasn’t strictly a skip but a heap of junk (particle board stuff that had got wet so collapsed when you climbed on it) out the back of the industrial unit.  I went back to ask the kitchen guy if I could take them and he said they’d been abandoned a few weeks ago by a company who’d gone bust so we decided they were fair game.


They’ve been slap dash painted with a tin of gloss and they really need sanding down and re-painting but they’re nice and sturdy – not bad for no moolah 🙂

Oh and as for the ex-display kitchens, there was nothing suitable – which was actually fortunate as I was getting a bit ahead of myself, but I got some good (and, I think, fairly honest) advice and I’d be definitely interested in going back to them for the worktops, if nothing else. Well, that’s if I can show my face there again – I discovered afterwards that I had a great big smudge of soot on my nose, that plus the tip foraging and they probably think I’m some sort of hobo.

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