Building Work (Weeks 10 to 12) – Extension

As I’m three (almost four) weeks behind on the building work updates and there are lot of little things changed all over the house I thought I’d split the posts by topic rather than chronologically – this post is for the extension.

Finishing off the front wall – here’s the window appearing. Window appearing


Did you ever make lego houses as a child and after a couple of rows realise you’d not left the gap for the door or window.  I’m glad that doesn’t happen to the pros.

Brick work up


The holes left by the needles have been completely filled.

Filled needle holes


The holes at the front were also filled and the brick sill put in.



Brick Window Sill and filled holes


They installed Type E Cavitrays which are to stop damp coming down the wall when an external wall becomes and internal wall.  Here’s a thrilling installation animation.  Also bits of wood for the roof (I have no idea what this is called).

Type E Cavitrays


Roof trusses up and cavitrays finished.

Roof Trusses and Type E Cavitrays

Trusses from rear

Roof trusses from side

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