Building Work (Week 6) – Getting off the ground

Oops – I’m a week behind with posting already.

Week 6 actually started a little early – I was enjoying this year’s first venture into a beer garden in Peel, on Easter Saturday, when I got a text from Bree “Just drove past your house. Didn’t expect them to be working on Saturday.”  Err, neither did I!  Dave (the brickie) had been taking advantage of fine weather to get the blockwork up to damp proof course level.  This is how it looked when I went by later.

Foundation Walls 1

He came back on Easter Monday and finished it off.  That rubble in the middle was left from the demolition of the outbuildings and was kept to reduce the amount of hardcore needed and to avoid having to take it away.

Foundation Walls 2

The following day the steel for the bi-fold doors / apex window went in and they also filled in part of the wall cavity, spread and levelled the hardcore.

Foundations Hardcore + Steel

Meanwhile the crows discovered the gap between the floorboards and the ceiling and thought we’d provided nesting boxes – apparently the builders had to remove two sacks of twigs!

Birds Nest Floor

So they soon put an end to that!

Birds Nests Blocked

A layer of sand next.

Foundations Sand

The waterproof membrane and yet more steel!

Damp proof course and steel


There was also activity indoors – I was first alerted to it by this sign.  Made me laugh as it’s just something my Dad would do (fixing it with a screwdriver, I don’t think he’d bother to leave me a sign).

Careful! No Floor

There were some ‘spongy’ boards which had to come out and one bad joist.

No Floor

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