Building Work (Weeks 10 to 12) – French Door Hokey Cokey

I wasn’t a massive fan of the uPVC French doors in the living room, partly because I didn’t like the look of them but also because with a fireplace on one wall and a door in the middle of another, the French doors meant the radiator was placed against the only other wall. It’s not a large room and compromising furniture placement in this way wasn’t ideal. I was also getting bi-fold doors in the extension so having two exits at the rear of the house was a bit unnecessary. On the other hand the doors weren’t that old (2012) and there wasn’t much wrong with them (they needed their hinges adjusting) so I did feel quite guilty about removing them.

Prior to the uPVC doors I believe there was an aluminium sliding door and prior to that there was a window, in this sense, the house is going round in a circle.

This is what the rear of the house did look like last year:

Rear of House

I snapped this photo from inside as I knew the doors were about to be removed:

French Doors open

Blocked up doors

First they just did the outside skin.

Blocked up doors inside

Then the inside wall was done in blockwork.

Blocked up doors with blocks inside

The screen is obviously temporary – I hope to get something a little more transparent.