Tenacious Crows

So house renovation is mainly about chimneys, fireplaces and crows, right?  Well, that’s what it seems like it so far…

I was busy scraping the paint off the range and the crows kept gargling at me down the chimney – probably telling me to get lost, so I retaliated by shouting back up the chimney at them, had no effect on the crows but it did bring Dad running 🙂

As I need to get a chimney balloon, I stuck my head up to try work out what size I would need – I was not amused to discover the crows have completely disregarded the fact their nesting season isn’t meant to start until April and spent the last two weeks of February chucking twigs down the chimney.  Grrr….

chimney twigs

Then, to add further insult to injury, three strange sooty lumps appeared – my first reaction was one of panic, thinking they were bits of masonry, but nope…


…it’s bits of roast potato.  A peace offering?  Or do they think I’m their baby bird?  The worst part was that they smelt amazing!


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